Miss Teeny Weeny Bikini Contest - Video!

2013-03-05 21:13:31 by BeefourMusic

My track "Passion For The Night" was used for this promotional video for a nightclub here on the Gold Coast, Australia! I also scored 2x free vip tickets to this Friday's party there which has The Potbelleez and DJ Havana Brown playing :D

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2013-03-06 00:31:28

I don't know who you are, but I think that's gotta be one of the greatest feelings in the world for a composer. Am I right? And even better, it's in a video with lots of scantily clad women! Huge bonus!

BeefourMusic responds:

Yeah, I was told they would be using the video for a promo but not for their bikini comp :D haha


2013-03-06 17:12:02

I've been listening to your music, mainly the lurking way (with one little exception) and I think it will only get better. You've got something that's hard to replicate and that's what sets you apart from the rest. Maybe you should go and look for some other businesses that might be interested in your music, I'm sure there are enough of them.

BeefourMusic responds:

Thanks dude, hopefully I can find get my tracks on radio rotation soon!